Monday, 10 November 2014

Fwd: Haw to make raukau sticks

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Friday, 24 October 2014

100wc week 8

                    The Walk Through Walls

A mystery coat, a mystery a man, a mystery that no one could solve until now!!                       The Master, Doctor Man Lot, is on the case!!     Trophies have mysteriously vanished, have they gone up the old, crinkly, baggy, heavy sleeves of the crumpled coat?                                

Was there an old man under the dark hooded coat? Doctor Man Lot was in the building of the two storey museum discovering finger prints on the glass that was around the tophy but he couldn't figure out what one it was. 

He finally figured out it was Wallace under the cloak. Wallace was sentenced to prison for  nine months.

By Sharna

Friday, 26 September 2014

The seven chairs and the 2 guards

In Egypt stood a gigantic castle belonging to Queen Elizabeth. The castle was built of stone with church like windows. Two guards, Emily, Brooke the cook and Zoof lived with the Queen.

Strange things sometimes happened in the castle at night. Crashing and banging noises coming from the dining room, Emily missing from her bed in the morning and acting strange and the dining room chairs had flown into the kitchen.

The guards were getting very suspicious of Emily's frequent disappearances. The guards eventually told the Queen about Emily.The Queen spoke to Emily and said, "You have been naughty but I'll give you one more chance." 

They had a good day until the very next day. She lost her chance because she was caught by the guards flying on the chairs. Emily got kicked out of the castle by the Queen for not obeying the Queen's rules.

                                                            By Sharna

Friday, 4 July 2014


In the holidays i want to go to the movies with my mum and see a 3D best t friend and I would like to have a long sleep over in the weekend so on sunday we can go shopping.

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Friday, 20 June 2014


The cat was sitting in the tree when it saw a BIG dog came past the tree on the top of the hill. The cat froze the dog looked up at the cat the dog carried on walking until a man came along the road the dog started to bark the man though that the dog was barking at him but It wasn't.

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Sharna 13.6.14

On Sunday my Mum went to Lincraft and she bought 3 packets of loom bands for me. When she got home my sister Casey,Dad and I were playing Canaster my Dad was helping me. Mum bought new trousers for her, gloves for Casey and the loom bands. Casey won by 10 points and she got one red Canaster. After the game we watched a movie called Walking with Dinosaurs.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Sharna 6.6.14

Last Thursday we went on a bus trip to the Museum and a CBD rebuild we also got to see the container mall. On the bus ride we saw a Mini car on the side of a building on Manchester Street everyone started laughing at the Mini!! On High Street we saw a man on the top of Alice in Videoland, his arm was pointing at the sky his arm represents a building crane. We saw a lot of building still needing to be demolished and some buildings starting to be built.
At the Museum we went upstairs and we got to see what they dug out of the ground it was awesome to see all the things that they dug up. They found a bottle message from under the ground.
We went to the old Christchurch Street and I saw a shop with lollies and it also had a delivery bicycle. I had a good day.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sharna last week

On Thursday we are going on a bus trip to the museum and a CBD rebuild tour. We have been learning about early Canterbury, My topic is Riccarton house I chose this because I am making a spectacular article to go on my blog.
The Riccarton house was built by the Deans family in 1843, it is one of the oldest buildings in Canterbury Plains. It's built from timber that was cut from the Riccarton bush next to Deans cottage.
Jane and John had a son called John and he lived in the cottage until their new house Riccarton House was built in 1856.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

Sharna 23.5.14

A man was walking his dog in Christchurch when a woman and a dog walked past my dogs Taylor and Dotty. Suddenly Taylor pounced and got such a fright because the person that was walking the brown dog walked past. In the city the people were riding their penny farthings bicycles it was a beautiful sunny day and no long white fluffy clouds. Some of the people stopped to have a picnic under the cloudless sky by the Avon. Some of the children were rolling down the hill into the river. The boats were full of people having so much fun in Christchurch in 1890.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Fwd: Sharna 16.5.14

A walk in the woods

One sunny day some children went for a walk in the woods.It started to get dark. They heard a noise the children screamed ARH!! What was that the children started shivering there is smoke everywhere suddenly there was some red boiling lava under their feet. 1 person fainted the lava start to  grow Mecca put the person over her shoulder and ran.

Fwd: Sharna 9.5.14

Today is the BIG DAY!!!
Yay Brooke barked as she ran down the stairs it's my birthday party today Brooke sat down watching the clock tick by. Finally Brooke barked.

Sharna has only 2 sessions this week.

Fwd: Sharna 17.4.14

My Birthday.

I am 10 now.
I went to What Now.
My friends came to my party at 3pm instead of 4pm.
I wore my new dress it purple and I wore tights, Mum and Dad gave me the dress for Christmas I had black boots on.

Sharna was not able to bring an iPad on 2 days this week and did not come on Thursday hence little writing this week.

Happy Easter Mrs Patten

Happy Easter Mrs Baker.

Fwd: Sharna 11.4.14

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Making Friends 7.4.14

I am Sharna and I would like to be your friend to today.
I would say that they could play with me on the adventure playground because it is a really fun thing to do and I have another friend you can meet.
My favourite TV programme is Doc Mc Stuffings, what is your favourite TV programme?
Tomorrow at lunch time I get fish and chips you can have some if you want.
It is important to have friends so you can have fun at morning tea,lunch time,after school and at the weekend.

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Kind Regards

Trish Patten
Kauri Team Co-Leader (Yr 4-8)
ICT Manager
Oaklands School
37 Cunningham Place
Christchurch 8025

Ph 03 3228735

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Living Springs Camp

We are doing Initiatives and we are trying to get our last group member over the wall.  We succeeded by lifting 2 people over first and then keeping 2 people on the wall and lifting the other people over.  The last member ran up to the wall and they were lifted over.  It was really hard to work out a solution to this challenge.

I had to walk across the rope blindfolded and I needed to trust the 4 spotters to stop me from falling off the rope.  It felt scary because I felt like I was going to fall, but I didn't because my spotters looked after me.