Friday, 23 May 2014

Sharna 23.5.14

A man was walking his dog in Christchurch when a woman and a dog walked past my dogs Taylor and Dotty. Suddenly Taylor pounced and got such a fright because the person that was walking the brown dog walked past. In the city the people were riding their penny farthings bicycles it was a beautiful sunny day and no long white fluffy clouds. Some of the people stopped to have a picnic under the cloudless sky by the Avon. Some of the children were rolling down the hill into the river. The boats were full of people having so much fun in Christchurch in 1890.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Fwd: Sharna 16.5.14

A walk in the woods

One sunny day some children went for a walk in the woods.It started to get dark. They heard a noise the children screamed ARH!! What was that the children started shivering there is smoke everywhere suddenly there was some red boiling lava under their feet. 1 person fainted the lava start to  grow Mecca put the person over her shoulder and ran.

Fwd: Sharna 9.5.14

Today is the BIG DAY!!!
Yay Brooke barked as she ran down the stairs it's my birthday party today Brooke sat down watching the clock tick by. Finally Brooke barked.

Sharna has only 2 sessions this week.

Fwd: Sharna 17.4.14

My Birthday.

I am 10 now.
I went to What Now.
My friends came to my party at 3pm instead of 4pm.
I wore my new dress it purple and I wore tights, Mum and Dad gave me the dress for Christmas I had black boots on.

Sharna was not able to bring an iPad on 2 days this week and did not come on Thursday hence little writing this week.

Happy Easter Mrs Patten

Happy Easter Mrs Baker.

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Making Friends 7.4.14

I am Sharna and I would like to be your friend to today.
I would say that they could play with me on the adventure playground because it is a really fun thing to do and I have another friend you can meet.
My favourite TV programme is Doc Mc Stuffings, what is your favourite TV programme?
Tomorrow at lunch time I get fish and chips you can have some if you want.
It is important to have friends so you can have fun at morning tea,lunch time,after school and at the weekend.

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