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Friday, 6 June 2014

Sharna 6.6.14

Last Thursday we went on a bus trip to the Museum and a CBD rebuild we also got to see the container mall. On the bus ride we saw a Mini car on the side of a building on Manchester Street everyone started laughing at the Mini!! On High Street we saw a man on the top of Alice in Videoland, his arm was pointing at the sky his arm represents a building crane. We saw a lot of building still needing to be demolished and some buildings starting to be built.
At the Museum we went upstairs and we got to see what they dug out of the ground it was awesome to see all the things that they dug up. They found a bottle message from under the ground.
We went to the old Christchurch Street and I saw a shop with lollies and it also had a delivery bicycle. I had a good day.

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