Friday, 26 September 2014

The seven chairs and the 2 guards

In Egypt stood a gigantic castle belonging to Queen Elizabeth. The castle was built of stone with church like windows. Two guards, Emily, Brooke the cook and Zoof lived with the Queen.

Strange things sometimes happened in the castle at night. Crashing and banging noises coming from the dining room, Emily missing from her bed in the morning and acting strange and the dining room chairs had flown into the kitchen.

The guards were getting very suspicious of Emily's frequent disappearances. The guards eventually told the Queen about Emily.The Queen spoke to Emily and said, "You have been naughty but I'll give you one more chance." 

They had a good day until the very next day. She lost her chance because she was caught by the guards flying on the chairs. Emily got kicked out of the castle by the Queen for not obeying the Queen's rules.

                                                            By Sharna