Friday, 29 November 2013

If I were a shape

If I were a shape I'd be a diamond
hanging and shining on the necklace with lights
blazing from it's heart.

Or I might be a cube
Sitting in the shape box of a classroom
waiting to be used by happy students.

But wait... I could be heart shape
a sharp point at the bottom
and two smooth curves on my  top.

But if... I could only choose one shape to be
I'd be the shape of a beautiful full moon
Making all the people below me feel as
HAPPY as can be and feel glad in my
SMOOTH light:)



  1. Love titanium? me too! cool poem if i was a shape i would be a star!

  2. great poem and if I were a shape I would be a circle so I could roll around.

  3. Dear Shana,
    I like the way you have paragraphed your poem - each part being a new shape. Also I like some of your phrases such as "smooth light" and the way you described the diamond. If you were going to add another shape to your poem, what would it be? How would you describe it? Thanks for sharing your poem. Mr Corlett Rm6 Waikanae School